About the author

Ana Bučević was born is Split in 1978.
Ana is the mother of twenty-year-old Ani and nine-year-old Lukas. In 2003 she graduated from the Faculty of Natural science and mathematics in Split and by profession she is a professor of kinesiology. As being a professor means being an educator too, and aware of the importance of emotional intelligence for a happy and successful life, in 2009 she turned into development of this type of intelligence in children and in the same year started cooperation with the private elementary school „Libar“, in Split, and the Center for Personal Excellence, where the project „Safari Spirit“ was launched, what was approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. This program is based on developing basic life values. Using methods, it reminds children and parents of the power of gratitude, empathy, self-confidence, self-awareness, feelings, praise, respect and many other values.

The „Safari Spirit“ program develops a child’s emotional intelligence and helps parents to use their approach and methods to help them to express their full potential. For two years she has been working as the editor and the presenter of the educational show „Safari Spirit“ on the regional television. She wrote columns for several croatian portals while she still writes a monthly column for Story magazine.


She published her first book Safari duha – knjiga o mudrosti obrazovanja („Safari Spirit – book about the winsdom of education“). It it one of the best selling book about the education in Croatia and it has the title BESTSELLER.


Ana began to work actively as a motivational speaker to raise awareness of the impact of the law of attraction on an individual’s life and remaind people of their ability to create their own lives. So far, she has held hundreds of seminars throughout the region and motivated thousands of people who testify to the success of her work. She is a frequent guest lecturer at team building programs where she encourages employees to increase productivity and efficiency, which contributes to the company’s success.


She published the book U vortexu ostvarenih želja („In the vortex of fulfilled wishes“), which also became BESTSELLER.

For Croatia, Ana is the cofounder of BigU Academy, an international online educational platform with the world’s most famous lecturers in the field of business and personal development.


The next book Što (ni) je ljubav („What is [not] love“) was published, and, like the previous one, has also the title BESTSELLER.
In the same year she became the official ambassador of WWF Adria and performed this activity for two years.

She published two books entitled Verujem u čuda („I believe in miracles“) in which she published the stories of people who, using the knowledge of reality, manifested miracles in their lives.


Publishes the book "To be and to have." A book about how we can achieve financial freedom by changing our vibration.


A practical manual Umijeće kreiranja realnosti („The Art of Creating Reality“) was published and it became the number one on the bestseller lists the same week it is released.


She published the manual 365 dana osviještavanja („365 days of Awareness“).


The book "Život je lijep kad se živijeti zna" („Life is Beautiful when Lived“) came out and its first edition was sold out in the first three days after it was published. It also has the title BESTSELLER.

 Graduates from the Quantum Succes Academy and becomes a certified Law of Attraction Coach    

She is the author of YouTube channel „Safari Spirit“, where she posts motivational videos. This channel currently has over 164 million views.