TO BE AND TO HAVE –Achieve financial freedom by changing your vibration.


2.100,00 RSD

This is no ordinary book about money – this is an unusual book about money.
This is a spiritual book about money because money is part of spirituality. They just assured us that it wasn’t. They convinced us that we shouldn’t want it or have it. This book will help you understand that this is not so. That we came as spiritual beings to the material world in order to live a balance between the spiritual and the material. The point is to BE first, then you can live all the beauty of POSSESSION.

POSSESSION will be your reward for BEING. This is a book that will bring awareness to your negative money programs, help you change beliefs that don’t serve you, guide you in methods to change your vibration towards money and become your practical companion on the path to financial freedom. Be excited, because if you believe what you read here and if you are consistent in the practical application of what you have learned, financial abundance and freedom will become part of your reality.
And freedom is the greatest gift you can give yourself.