2.100,00 RSD

Do we know who we really are? And what is life? When we remember a law that they forgot to teach us about in school, everything takes on a completely different meaning. It is the law of attraction, which works everywhere and everytime. ALWAYS. The only question is whether we are aware of it or not. We are all creators of our own lives, only someone creates consciously and someone unconsciously. We have all been given a gift, by which we will know if we are on the right path or if we have deviated a little from it. The received gift is our emotions. They are our guide and indicator of our thoughts, which are creative. Emotions tell us what our thoughts are and what we will attract into our lives. There are tools and methods, which we use, and then life takes on a completely different meaning, because MIRACLES begin to happen. Miracles are the basis of life! If they do not happen in your life, you are making a mistake somewhere... You can attract money, health, love, abundance and happiness... You can be and have everything you want, because you came to this world to experience who you really are. CREATORS OF YOUR OWN REALITIES!